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Menopause Awareness


Menopause is a process women go through and it can have a major impact on them in the workplace. As a manager, you have a critical role in ensuring the health, wellbeing, and engagement of your team, and this includes supporting employees with issues which may have a negative impact on their work experience. This course explores the menopause and how you can support your employees throughout the process.




In this course you will:

  • Be able to define the menopause process and its stages 
  • Recognise the symptoms of the menopause 
  • Be able to explain how the effects of the menopause impact employees experiencing it 
  • Understand the effects on an organisation if employees going through the menopause aren’t supported 
  • Be able to promote the law relating to menopause within your organisation, as outlined in workplace policies 
  • Know how to effectively support those experiencing the menopause at work, including making reasonable adjustments