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Selling in a Digital World


Advances in tech over the years have transformed our quality of life. Think about getting your shopping ordered, delivered, and paid for without having to leave the house or even speak to another person, for example. Great for you as the customer, but is it just as good for the retailer? In short, well, maybe. It’s certainly easier, and probably cheaper.But without you going in store, you’ll miss their perfectly placed special offers, and they’ll probably miss out overall.

As a salesperson in this digital world, you’ve got similar challenges, but also a chance to benefit. Digital marketing and e-commerce, when used well, can make it easier and cheaper to increase those sales. You can even reach a wider network of consumers without the limitations and costs of a stationary, physical store. Come inside to gain the knowledge and techniques to help you succeed.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Build trust with your customers as an online seller
  • Use digital tools and analysis to your advantage
  • Offer exceptional customer service online

Why should I take this course?

If you work in sales, or you’re a business owner who wants to make the most of digital marketing and e-commerce, then this course is for you. With so much useful tech to help you boost sales, adapting to a digital world makes sense for a business now more than ever. Time to take that 1st step into the digital world.