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Human Resources

Title Publisher Training Time Price
Changing Difficult Behaviour elConsulting  30.00
Giving Effective Feedback elConsulting  30.00
Improving a Negative Attitude elConsulting  30.00
Interpersonal Communication styles elConsulting  30.00
Managing Change When the Future is Uncertain elConsulting  30.00
Managing Reactions to Change elConsulting  30.00
Simple Coaching Techniques elConsulting  30.00
The Constructive Performance Review Discussion elConsulting  30.00
The Grievance Meeting elConsulting  30.00
The Ideal Performance Review elConsulting  30.00
The Informal Performance Review elConsulting  30.00
The Return to Work Interview elConsulting  30.00
The Selection Interview elConsulting  30.00
Title Publisher Training Time Price
Business Maths Filtered 5 Hours  40.00
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Filtered 5 Hours  40.00
Title Publisher Training Time Price
Cyber Security Essential Skillz 1 Hour  30.00
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Essential Skillz 45 Minutes  19.00
Equality and Diversity Essential Skillz 45 Minutes  30.00
Home Working Essential Skillz 35 Minutes  16.00
Internet, Email and Social Media Essential Skillz 45 Minutes  24.00
Pandemic Procedures Essential Skillz 15 Minutes  19.00
Stress Awareness Essential Skillz 50 Minutes  20.00
Treating Customers Fairly Essential Skillz 40 Minutes  24.00
Title Publisher Training Time Price
Discipline and Grievance Maguire Training 28 Minutes  25.00
Interviewing Skills Maguire Training 43 Minutes  25.00
The Recruiment Process Maguire Training 37 Minutes  25.00
Title Publisher Training Time Price
Note Taking at Interviews e-learning WMB 1 Hour  28.00
Psychologically Informed Environments e-learning WMB 45 Minutes  28.00