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Measuring brand-driven growth effectively

Course Overview

Knowing how to start then structure your approach to brand performancemeasurement is a skill all successful brand marketers must master.

This short course on Measuring Brand-Driven Growth Effectively will provide initial advice and insights that will help you get started with measuring brand performance. Don’t worry, it’s not overly technical or mathematical. The idea is to share underlying principles you can apply.

This short course on Measuring Brand-Driven Growth Effectively is a section from our Delivering Brand-Driven Growth course. If you’ve taken Delivering Brand-Driven Growth there’s no need to take this course. If not, then taking Measuring Brand-Driven Growth Effectively is a mighty fine place to start as it will give you a feel for the type of thinking we share in Delivering Brand-Driven Growth.


  • Think about brand performance measurement in a structured and scientific way
  • Understand how share of voice and share of search drive growth
  • Appreciate the perils of being ROI-driven
  • Know why you need to obtain employee, brand and financial metrics
  • Create a brand performance dashboard
  • Receive practical advice - based on Dr. Coleman’s 25+ years global experience - on how you can drive growth through brands