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Engaging & Aligning Your C-Suite with Brands

Course Overview

Brands are emotionally-orientated intangible assets. This can make it hard for the c-suite to genuinely believe in brands where objectivity, finance and hard facts count.

Data also shows those in the c-suite can struggle to have a firm handle on how brands are built.

To drive growth through brands marketers, need to be able to engage the c-suite with brands. This short course on Engaging & Aligning Your C-Suite with Brands will provide you with some practical tools, templates and insights that will help you do that.

This short course on Engaging & Aligning Your C-Suite with Brands is a section from our Delivering Brand-Driven Growth course. If you’ve taken Delivering Brand-Driven Growth there’s no need to take this course. If not, then taking Engaging & Aligning Your C-Suite with Brands is a mighty fine place to start as it will give you a feel for the type of thinking we share in Delivering Brand-Driven Growth.


  • Build your business case for brands
  • Engage and align your c-suite with brand
  • Demonstrate that brand - not short-term ROI - drives growth
  • Show your c-suite brands drive financial performance in ways they understand
  • Prove intangible assets such as brand are the primary driver of company value
  • Demonstrate brand drives performance in B2B markets
  • Write clear and concise objectives that will mean something to your c-suite
  • Understand the importance of using data to engage your c-suite with brand
  • Use straightforward brand language that will engage - not alienate - your c-suite
  • Receive practical advice - based on Dr. Coleman’s 25+ years global experience - on how you can drive growth through brands