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Understanding Your Target Customer(s) / Stakeholders

Course Overview

Recent research found that customer understanding and insight was regarded as the most important quality that will help marketers succeed over the next five years.

So, stop. Just for a few seconds and think about your target customer. Can you visualise them in tangible terms? Do you understand how your brand can help them solve the challenges they face in their life? Does your brand resonate with them in meaningful and emotionally relevant ways? It’s also important to broaden your perspective to consider stakeholders. Focusing purely on customers is an oversimplification of reality.

To drive brand growth, you need to be able to answer these - any many more questions - so you can truly understand your customer. This short course on Understanding Your Target Customer(s)/ Stakeholders help you do that.

This short course on Understanding Your Target Customer(s)/ Stakeholders is a section from our Delivering Brand-Driven Growth course. If you’ve taken Delivering Brand-Driven Growth there’s no need to take this course. If not, then taking Understanding Your Target Customer(s)/ Stakeholders is a mighty fine place to start as it will give you a feel for the type of thinking we share in Delivering Brand-Driven Growth.


  • Develop a detailed understanding of your target customer
  • Understand the neuroscience behind why emotion is the key driver of customer behaviour
  • Drive brand innovation by helping your target customers and stakeholders get "jobs" done
  • Launch goods, services and experiences your customers don’t know they need - just yet
  • Understand why smart marketers focus on stakeholders - not just customers
  • Know how you can deliver brand growth through partnerships
  • Learn from best practice case studies
  • Apply practical tools & templates that will help you understand your target customer - and stakeholders
  • Receive practical advice based on the trainer’s 25+ years of global experience so you can get customer-centricity programmes right