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Future Ways of Working

Course Overview

Since the start of the lockdown, many of us are adjusting to our new reality of working and managing teams from home. With this brings many new challenges, some practical, some psychological and others that are slightly less obvious.  Developed during the lockdown, this suite of courses draws upon the direct experiences of the team and Subject Matter Experts, who collaborated remotely to bring you all the information you need to be an effective team leader.


This Future Ways of Working toolkit brings the learning to life through innovative use of dramatised video scenarios using remote meeting software to show learners how best to utilise software to communicate, lead and meet productivity goals. Due to the social distancing policy, our actors filmed themselves in their own homes using software on their computers, lending additional authenticity to the scenarios which our characters find themselves in.

Supporting the learning and providing context to the videos, we have interactive e-learning screens for learners to test their understanding and engage directly with the material.


Module 1: Working from home

  • Creating new routines that maximise your productivity
  • Considerations for setting up your workstation
  • Appearance
  • Ways to balance competing distractions in the home

Module 2: Managing Remote Teams

  • Key principles
  • Ways to clarify expectations
  • Identifying how to be goal orientated rather than activity orientated
  • Methods and means of communication from a distance
  • Best practice when hosting conference calls

Module 3: Leading in uncertain times

  • Understanding VUCA
  • Using VUCA to identify the best approach that works well for your team
  • Crucial leadership attributes in uncertain times
  • Creating psychological safety and psychological capital
  • The OSKAAR model
  • Things leaders can do to help people in uncertain times – The four P’s
  • How to deal with negativity
  • Push and Pull styles
  • How to develop resilience in yourself and others

Module 4: Wellbeing for All

  • The pillars of wellbeing
  • Looking after your body
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Caring for others
  • Mental welfare of your team
  • Ways to keep your team social

Module 5: Return to Work

  • Manage the risk by understanding your legal responsibilities
  • Understand who should return to work and how to protect those at higher risk or need to self-isolate
  • Mitigate the risks associated with coming into and leaving the workplace, as well as high traffic areas where staff will congregate
  • Strategies for cleaning the workplace and hygiene methods
  • Plan shift patterns and working groups
  • Source further support and information.