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Remote Working Masterclass: Starting a New Role

Course Overview

Transitioning from provisional remote arrangements to a fully integrated set of remote-working best practices requires immersive and effective training. 

This course helps learners to hit the ground running in a new remote role. 

Whether you’re a new hire at an organization, you’ve joined a new team, or you’ve moved up to a more senior role, finding your feet can be more challenging as a remote worker than it might be in the office. Even in the most experienced remote teams, new starters can sometimes be overlooked and struggle to get the support they need.

This course invites learners inside an established remote team, to learn how experienced remote workers cope with starting a new role. Guided by audio narration, and engaging with interactive exercises and original animations.

Course Objectives

learners will be equipped to:

  • Build strong remote relationships
  • Ask for help in an effective way
  • Take responsibility for their own progress

The course takes 15 minutes to complete, and includes a final multiple-choice assessment.