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Remote Challenges - Struggling to Communicate

Course Overview

This course equips learners to overcome one of the key challenges of long-term remote work: communicating effectively using digital tools.

To workers who are used to interacting with their colleagues or clients in person, virtual communication can feel ineffective, stilted and awkward. Some even find that digital comms tools seem to create misunderstandings.

However, experienced remote workers recognize that virtual communication simply requires different processes to communicating in person.

This animated course sets out four simple processes which can easily be adopted by any remote worker or team to improve communication. Guided by audio narration, learners will find out how to:

Course Objectives

  • Adopt a communication etiquette
  • Choose voice and video calls over text
  • Communicate more
  • Schedule catch-up meetings

The course takes 7 minutes to complete, and includes a final interactive prompt, to help learners find the right first step for them.