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Remote Challenges - Struggling to Focus on Work

Course Overview

This course equips learners to overcome one of the key challenges of long-term remote work: focusing on work tasks in the home environment.

Working from home not only disrupts routines developed in the office, it also brings workers closer to the distractions and pressures of home life. These distractions - and the struggle to overcome them - can impact not only productivity but wellbeing.

This animated course focuses on small, actionable steps which learners can take right now to improve focus in the home environment. Guided by audio narration, learners will find out how to create more effective remote-working habits, including:

Course Objectives

  • Creating timesheets to monitor productivity
  • Protecting the home workspace
  • Finding alternatives to multitasking
  • Leveraging the advantages of flexible working

The course takes 7 minutes to complete, and includes a final interactive prompt, to help learners find the right first step for them.