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Remote Challenges - Work Life Balance

Course Overview

This course equips learners to overcome one of the key challenges of long-term remote work: maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Leaving the office sets a natural boundary to the work day: without it, many remote workers find that work blurs into personal time. Left unaddressed, this problem can have a serious impact on wellbeing.

This animated course focuses on small, actionable steps which learners can take right now to set effective new boundaries between home- and work-life. Guided by audio narration, learners will find out how to:

Course Objectives

  • Set and maintain more regular work hours
  • Protect personal time
  • Explain personal boundaries to colleagues and loved ones
  • Leverage the advantages of flexible working

The course takes 7 minutes to complete, and includes a final interactive prompt, to help learners find the right first step for them