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Remote Challenges - Working Longer Hours

Course Overview

This course equips learners to overcome one of the key challenges of long-term remote work: the tendency for home workers to spend more hours working than they would in the office.

Many remote workers find themselves working longer hours. This problem often has multiple interacting causes, which can make it harder to tackle. For some workers, the home environment is distracting, while others find remote communication inefficient, and still others find it hard to set boundaries to the work day while working from home.

This animated course focuses on small, actionable steps which learners can take right now to reduce working hours without impacting productivity. Guided by audio narration, learners will find out how to:

Course Objectives

  • Reduce distractions
  • Make effective use of productivity tools
  • Streamline communication
  • Reduce the time-impact of virtual meetings
  • Set and enforce boundaries

The course takes 7 minutes to complete, and includes a final interactive prompt, to help learners find the right first step for them