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Autism Awareness


This course will give learners an introduction and awareness of autism. It is aimed at people who want to understand and make a difference in the lives of individuals with the autism spectrum condition, including carers, professionals and those working in a role where they regularly interact with the public. It is also designed for people who require a refresher in the subject. This course will heighten your awareness and increase your understanding of autism.  


Those working in health and social care; employers, employees, managers, private and public sector, service providers and users. 

It’s also useful for parents, carers, or friends of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 


  • Summarise what autism is and the misconceptions surrounding the condition
  • Recognise characteristics of autism and understand the difficulties people with autism face
  • Improve levels of inclusivity in your work with a better appreciation of the challenges experienced by, and strengths of, those with autism
  • Recognise the importance of actively including autistic people, regardless of their ability to communicate verbally