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Unconscious Bias

Course Overview

Avoid discrimination and support a culture of diversity in the workplace, everyone has unconscious biases that shape the way we interact with and relate to our colleagues and customers.

  • Unconscious Bias for Managers addresses the way implicit bias can affect issues like recruitment, performance management, promotion and team dynamics.
  • Unconscious Bias focuses on the impact on customer service interactions with particular focus on the micro-behaviours that aren?t necessarily under our conscious control.

The aim of both courses is to help learners recognise when they might be acting or behaving on the basis of unconscious bias, provide them with ways to challenge those biases and counteract them.

Both courses use though-provoking and challenging activities to highlight the impact of bias; a range of video scenarios to bring the material to life and help learners relate it to their own workplace; and clear explanations and practical techniques to help learners identify, challenge and counteract their own biases.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how unconscious bias shapes micro-behaviours and the impact on customer service
  • Identify the behaviours they need to self-assess for their kind of customer service e.g.: eye contact
  • Be aware of the role of habit in building a consistent level of customer service

Target Audience

All company staff