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Manual Handling

Course Overview

Learners will discover how to protect themselves from the strains and injuries associated with manual handling. They will examine the regulations and the principles of avoiding, assessing and reducing risks, with best practices for safe lifting, carrying, stacking, pushing and pulling.

Using TILEO, they will work through the risk factors in a manual handling operation to identify and reduce the risks of lifting in their workplace. They will also be introduced to team lifting and the principles of Communication, Cooperation and Coordination.

Key Learning Points:

  • Principles of safe lifting and carrying
  • Injuries caused by manual handling
  • Alternative ways of lifting
  • Team lifting strategies
  • Ways to avoid injuries during manual handling
  • Mechanised manual handling

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the relevant regulations for manual handling operations
  • Be able to describe employer and employee responsibilities
  • Know the risks associated with manual handling
  • Describe how to lift, stack, carry, push and pull loads safely
  • Identify ways of reducing risks when lifting, including the use of mechanical aids
  • Understand the principles of safe team lifting practice
  • Understand when to eliminate avoid or use mechanised tools for manual handling

Target Audience

Employees with manual handling responsibilities