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Influencing to Win/Win

Course Overview

Influencing is not just a communication skill- it is a mindset! Successful influences clarify their goals, focus their efforts on the right people and select the most appropriate influencing tactics.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how to get your opinions heard and your ideas relevant to stakeholders
  • Learn how to plan realistic win/win outcomes
  • Learn how to adapt influencing tactics that is appropriate

Course Outcomes:

  • Recognize influencing as an adult, respectful alternative to both command and manipulation
  • View influencing as a process, not an action
  • Recognise that you must be others-focused not self-focused
  • Generate SMART influencing goals with win/win outcomes
  • Be able to identify champions, blockers and your floating voters
  • Use 4 different approaches to getting your ideas across according to the circumstances

Target Audience

All Leaders