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Thinking Creatively

Course Overview

In a world where complexity, ambiguity and volatility are becoming the norm, creative thinking and problem-solving skills are a key competence. Explore how you can channel your thinking into a creative output.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how you can use a structured approch to problem solving
  • Learn how to apply different thinking styles to problem solving
  • Learn how to balance analytical and divergent thinking style.
  • Learn how to promote problem solving behaviour in a team

Course Outcomes:

  • Use knowledge of past problems but focus on problem solving skills in dealing with the problem
  • Recognise and overcome seven key mental blocks to new thinking
  • Understand the team leader's role in problem solving
  • Understand the need to develop skills to facilitate problem solving
  • Identify the 6 stages of problem solving
  • Identify and encourage key mindsets required for effective problem solving

Target Audience

Team Leaders and Managers