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Decision Making: Options to Implementation

Course Overview

Evaluating options requires an analytic approach. This course will help you to develop useful and consistent criteria for your evaluation process. You will see how to systematically examine arguments for and against particular options and, how to help your team reach a consensus.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn how to evaluate decisions with a consistent criteria
  • Learn some strategies on how to help a group reach consensus
  • Learn how to put together a realistic implementation plan
  • Learn to avoid the most common pitfalls in choosing solutions

Course Outcomes:

  • Start with an implementation overview describing what the solution consists of and how it will be achieved
  • Do a detailed evaluation using a consistent basis for comparison
  • Compare the results using a consistent scale and make a decision
  • Apply a broad filter to create a short list
  • Identify when to use multi-voting and consensus, being aware of: the benefits and limitations of each method and the procedure and guidelines of each method

Target Audience

Managers and Team Leaders