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Solving Problems: Definition to Options

Course Overview

When you are trying to define a problem, your mindset is in a ‘Detective’ mode, looking for clues and motives. This course helps you analyse the current situation and identify the root causes of the problem. You will explore ways in which you and your team can generate solutions.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn skills on how to identify the real cause of a problem before thinking of fixing it
  • Learn how you can work with your team to generate creative and innovative solutions
  • Understand some tricks involved in choosing what to fix first

Course Outcomes:

  • Define a clear end goal for the problem solving using the components of a satisfactory end-state description
  • Write a definitive problem statement
  • Categorise problems as urgent and/or important
  • Encourage analytical thinking in deciding what to solve
  • Use 4 key principles of idea generation appropriately: generate many ideas; provoke your thinking; change your perspective; make new connections
  • Encourage a divergent thinking style while generating ideas
  • Identify any mental blocks to creative thinking and help overcome them

Target Audience

Managers and Team Leaders