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Right to Work

Course Overview

An interactive and engaging online course on right to work for employees. This course has been updated to include new legislative changes due to Brexit.

Employers must carry out the right to work check correctly - even if the applicant comes through a recruitment agency. Carrying out these checks correctly will protect your organisation from fines and penalties if you unintentionally employ an illegal worker.

This employment law course will help you understand your responsibilities under the law and show you how to carry out a right to work check. The course also takes you through some examples that you might encounter at work.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn

  • Your responsibilities under the law
  • How to check the immigrations status of applicants
  • Acceptable documentation for applicants post-Brexit
  • How to decide who needs a check and who does not
  • Settlement status in those already living in this country
  • Right to work rules following the Brexit transition period (from 1st July 2021)
  • Online/Manual checks: How to check settled or pre-settled status of applicants
  • Examples you might encounter at work
  • Updates in acceptable ID

Target Audience

Business Owners or HR personnel