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Freedom of Information Act

Course Overview

What do we mean by Freedom of Information (FOI)?

If you work in the public sector you may be asked to share certain information from time to time. You will need to be confident that when asked to share or provide information you know what to do - and what types of information you should not share.

The Freedom of Information Act give the public rights to access information held by public authorities such as local or national government. This course helps public sector employees understand what a FOI request looks like, and what to do if you receive one.

This highly engaging, interactive online training course is the perfect introduction to the Freedom of Information Act. The course also explains what the Act means for the public sector employees and how to handle a freedom of information request properly.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise an FOI request.
  • Know how to process simple, everyday requests, for example requests for information already published in leaflets and online.
  • Know who to pass complex requests onto.

Target Audience

All Public Sector employees