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Rehearsing for Your Presentation

Course Overview

An interactive and engaging online course on rehearsing for your presentations for employees.

Create successful and effective presentations with this Rehearsing Presentations training course. Avoid failure with this online Rehearsing Presentations training course which helps delegates ensure they are able to rehearse effectively and prepare visual aids and handouts to impress.

This course helps ensure the right level of rehearsing and preparedness to develop the confidence to adapt presentations to the mood of the moment and move easily from a prepared script to make it even more interactive.

This course covers:

  • how to rehearse before presentations
  • how to use visual aids and handouts
  • fluent delivery
  • rehearsing to improve your ease with visual aids, handouts and timings
  • exploring your use of words and phrases for best impact
  • experimenting with voice "colour": speed, volume, tone and the power of the pause
  • rehearsing in the same posture you plan to deliver, with your visual resources if appropriate
  • rehearsing alone initially and then seek supportive feedback when you feel prepared

Target Audience

All Employees