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Course Overview

Working at a fast pace with more and more demands of employee time inside and outside of work, increasingly people have turned to mindfulness to maintain their wellbeing. Looking after employees can protect businesses from absence through illness or when good people decide to leave through unhappiness. And generally a happy workplace performs better.

As employees, looking after ourselves and others is more important now than ever. We’ve lived through an extraordinary time with increased remote working becoming the norm. Being happy and confident with who we are is important and we’re more likely to reach out and work well with others if we’re content with ourselves.

In this programme we give learners techniques and skills to help them be the most self-aware and mindful version of themselves. In the second part we look at how mindfulness can help learners be resilient to difficult situations and work effectively with others. And finally, we look at what learners can do now to protect themselves in the longer term from stress and burnout.


Mindfulness means being present and content in the moment. Having the right mindset and using techniques to stay in control can help learners navigate challenging situations. Through greater understanding of themselves and awareness of the environment can equip learners to remain calm in the eye of a storm.

Mindfulness is often associated with Meditation. Although this isn’t a course on meditation the techniques and exercises we cover aim to achieve the same goals.

Learning Outcomes:

The learner will see the benefits of mindfulness and immediately be able to apply the skills and techniques to support their wellbeing.

Learners will be able to:

  • Use mindfulness techniques to develop confidence and stay in control
  • Act with greater emotional intelligence
  • Bounce back from setbacks and improve resilience
  • Spot stress triggers in themselves and others
  • Support their long-term wellbeing and avoid burnout

This course covers:

  • Mindfulness and you: Explore the benefits of mindfulness and living in the moment through practical techniques and exercises
  • Feeling resilient: Discover how mindfulness can help you stay positive and resilient to setbacks and challenges'
  • Avoiding burnout: Manage your long term wellbeing through mindfulness techniques and stress management?

Target Audience

This course will provide guidance and support for all employees. Learners are encouraged to share insight with colleagues and work together to keep the learning alive. Managers can use what they learn to support and develop their employees.