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Positive Mental Health at Work

Course Overview

An interactive and engaging mental health awareness course for employees.

Learning Outcomes:

This course covers:

  • a guide to common mental health conditions
  • practical tips to look after personal mental well-being
  • spotting the warning signs of poor mental health in colleagues and co-workers
  • tips to support colleagues when they return to work after a period of absence
  • how to seek advice from managers when required

How it works

This interactive eLearning course is designed to raise awareness of mental health issues, helping staff to support colleagues who are struggling at work while addressing their own mental health needs. The course also acts as a self help guide showing what to do if individuals feel they may be struggling to cope at work.

Online training covers scenarios that staff may experience - such as telling their boss, improving their working environment and returning to work after an absence – to help raise awareness and reduce discrimination and stigma.

Target Audience

All staff